Advanced PPC strategies for your e-commerce

  1. Own the SERP in terms of branding.
  2. Optimize offers based on non-brand performance.
  3. Control which products to advertise in the different stages of the purchase process.
  1. Pages and URLs are your keywords. Make sure to segment similar sections of the site into your own ad groups to maximize the relevance of your copies.
  2. Similarly, use negatives! Take advantage of a full set of extensions, just as you would for a keyword targeting campaign. They are likely to see less volume due to lower ad ranking, but it’s better to keep them in mind.
    Use any and all available audiences. Spend most of your time optimizing for people and let the engines pick your keywords.
  3. Smart bidding features (ROAS / Target CPA and eCPC) help amplify the effectiveness and efficiency of DSAs. Use them often.
  4. It’s common practice to take all the conversion keywords from a DSA campaign and roll them into a traditional keyword-targeted campaign to stay in control.




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Friday, July 2, 2021

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Kelly N. Alderete

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